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Magical Realism Jam

Hello everyone,

I am a game developer student from Brazil and I will be a participant on this jam ,

This is my first online Jam try, i am really excited about it.

The twit i choosed is this one :

"Twelve university professors join forces to defeat a fairy."

And i will use my university professors to play roles inside the game.

Good Luck Everyone!

Install instructions

- Unzip the zip file (use 7zip or similar)
- run the .exe file

Fixed a bug where the boss animation wouldn't load.


The Sloth Fairy.rar 357 MB


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I can say that game is very well designed, graphics are same as the ones the creator shows in the pictures( which is hard to find in huge company games).The story is simple, game-play may seem hard at start but don't worry you will get used to it.

5/5 is what ı give to this starter game.

In the last screenshot i wrote it wrong "Though" instead of "Tough" But i already corrected inside the game ^^;