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Great work and wonderfully done. Looking forward to also purchasing this with animated version. Thank you for such awesome work. :D

cool pack! good luck my gamejam friend!

Thanks Brother!

Animate them and double the price

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i'm planning to do so

Are the limbs separated? Or are there other measures taken to make it easy to animate these? The sprites look lovely, but as is it seems like they're more for static sprite use. :(

Hello ZeroStatic, thanks for the interest on my sprites pack , 
yes These are Static Sprites , the limbs are not separated ,

But I could  separate them next for easier animation

That would be awesome, the sprites look nice but as static characters they're not as useful as they could be.

I suck as an artist but I'm decent at skeletal animation / touchup work, so separating the limbs would already save me a lot of work to get these in a riggable state. :)